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hello blogworld, it’s been awhile. i have been dealing with lovely things like the emergency room, doctor offices, insurance, things that are not fun at all. but i am much better now and was planning on doing an “update” blog post since my husband’s last post was of course, about the ever important oscars.
however, if you were wanting some funny stories and an “uplifting” blog post, i’m sorry to say this is not one of them. i promise it will come soon because we both have funny stories to share. but today, as it has been since friday morning, my heart is hurting for Japan.

for those of you who don’t watch the news or read the paper, Japan experienced a deathly (9.0 they are now saying as i read in the new york times this morning) earthquake and tsnami that has killed an estimated 10,000 people. They are still experiencing aftershocks that are literally swaying buildings in Tokyo, rolling blackouts across the country, and trying to clean up massive amounts of debri and rescuing as many people as they can. This is the devastation they are experiencing.

i went to Tokyo in 2005 for a mission trip. i can’t believe that has been almost 6 years ago now come this june. i can’t believe it because it is still so incredibly fresh on my mind and heart. not long after, i attended my first year of college at DBU where there is a big population of Japanese students. in that year, i had very few american friends. my roomate was japanese, my neighbors were japanese, i found myself always hanging out with them and their friends who became my friends quickly. one good american friend of mine that went to school there is living in japan now. even when i moved to denton, i found myself connecting with people who had an interest in that country and still to this day get to recount my time there and with my friends from DBU, many of whom have now become my sisters in Christ. those stories and memories are still so vivid to me.

i count it such an honor to have been invited to join in God’s work there. Japan is less than 1% Christian. The Japanese people worship over 8 million different false gods, and the majority of people that i met there had never even heard the name Jesus before. it kills me to think that people there now, in their devastion and panic, are praying to gods who have no ears to hear their cries, no eyes to see their pain, no heart to have compassion and mercy on them. i strongly believe that God is Sovereign and in control of all things, and am praying this prayer for that country. i implore you to do the same. join me in praying that through this, millions would come to know Christ, that any temples that were destroyed would one day be rebuilt to be gospel preaching churches, that the hopeless would turn to the only One who can give them hope, that the riches that have so quickly faded away around them would be replaced by the riches of His grace. while reading the ny times artice that is linked above, it talks about how this is the most devastation they’ve seen since WWII. even then, they refused help from other nations. that is just part of their culture-that they can and should do everything themselves (if you haven’t noticed americans think the same way so don’t judge them in that). however, this devastation has been so great and so large, that they cannot refuse help and are even taking it from their enemies! this is huge for them, and i am praying that in this humbleness they will humble themselves and ask for help from the only One who can truly rescue them. pray for hope, pray for healing.

to my aunt who is japanese that still has family members in japan, we praise God that they were found safe and will continue to pray for them. to my girls that are still here and also have family members in japan, we are praying for them and comfort for you all, knowing that God is in control. Take heart in that my sisters, as difficult as it may be to trust Him in this right now. what a beautiful opportunity for you girls to share the gospel  and show the love of Christ to your family and friends back home. we’re praying for boldness, strength, and peace for you all. i love you girls. to my friend megan in Tokyo, we’re praying that God gives you great boldness to share the gospel and comfort those people that He has given you such a heart for in this time. we’re praying and know that He will use you in great ways.

a piece of my heart will forever be in Japan.

Father, woo them. win them. save them.

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