my wife won’t blog

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my wife won’t blog.

this has been a recurring theme of non-activity for a while – especially since the last blog put up was on august 26th, which =s a long time ago in the blogonet.

it’s been her turn for a while, but if she’s not going to post, then i’m going to.  and it’s sad, really, because there have been lots of things she could post about:

-tasty food she has made for me
-our 1st anniversary fiasco/disaster (2011 edition)
-and other things i can’t think of right now

so i will have to carry on the torch until she gives in and finally starts blogging again.  i would proffer something more interesting, but i don’t even know where to start.

———————————————> START
oh, hey – i think i’ll start here at the starting line

Christmas is this Sunday and i am excited about what i’m going to give my wife.  ssh, don’t tell her…but since i doubt she’ll check on this blog, so if you want to know what i’m going to give here, just click below:

come on…you didn’t really think i’d put it here, did you?

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