we just had to laugh about it

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hello blog world. it has been a very, very long time (don’t worry, my husband keeps reminding me). why has it been so long you ask? summer happened. i hate summer. hate is not a strong enough word. i loathe it.  i need a word that is even stronger, but i can’t think of one at the moment. i hate the texas heat, i hate swimming pools that feel like bath water, i hate that i can’t find any clothes because everything is revealing for girls in the summer, but most of all i hate the busyness. that’s right, busyness. it’s my busiest time of the year. it’s december and i’m already planning for summer. by march i will have my summer schedule set. i’m determined not to be as exhausted and cranky as i was last summer (bless my sweet husband).  ok, enough about summer, because i absolutely love winter and the cold.

so much has happened since i last wrote. i became an aunt for the 8th time! i inherited 6 precious nieces and nephews when i married jonathan, but on october 25th, my sister had the two cutest identical twin boys you will ever see in your life! i love those boys, and my next blog will be an all out bragging, boasting aunt session complete with stories and pictures. another major milestone, we celebrated being married for one year on september 5th! enter story “we just had to laugh about it.”

one year of marriage is a big deal. it is unfortunate, but there are many who get married and don’t make it to one year. in the craziness that was my summer, in july i realized “hey, our one year anniversary is coming up. we should do something special”. i suggested a couple of places that jonathan turned down and vice versa, and finally we came to an agreement. new orleans. i’ve never been there, jonathan hasn’t been there in years. i absolutely love jazz music, jambalaya and gumbo, and have always wanted to go to cafe du monde where i can try some legendary beignets and coffee, and this is one of my favorite movies that i watch probably once a month. we bought our plane tickets, booked our hotel, and it was something for me to look forward to and push me to finish out the summer from hades. as it got closer, actually the week of, we kept hearing that new orleans was expecting a tropical storm. “eh, it’s probably being blown out of proportion because of hurricane katrina. no big deal, we love the rain!” then, two days before we were supposed to leave, we checked the weather. and it did not look good. we had to cancel. we didn’t want to be stuck there, unable to do anything fun. disappointment set in, especially for me. we tried to find other places we could go for a long weekend around the same price but it just wasn’t possible. after jonathan consoled me, he convinced me that we could still have a fun, relaxing weekend doing things around the metroplex.

saturday and sunday were great, and we had plans on monday (our actual anniversary) to go to southlake, shop, eat a more expensive dinner than we’re used to, get a yummy dessert, and come home. enter disaster. we did go to southlake. it was a nice day outside; i finally used an anthropologie gift card from the previous christmas. for dinner, we wanted to go to taco diner. we always passed this restaurant in plano when we saw movies at the angelika. every time we passed it, it was always busy, looked like a relaxing atmosphere, and smelled absolutely glorious. every time we passed, we would say, “we’ll have to go there on a special occasion.”  so we were pretty excited, but when we walked in, it was not busy. it looked like a cheap club almost. it smelled ok, but not glorious like we were used to. we ate our chips and salsa which were fine, nothing spectacular, and ordered our food. i was excited and hopeful about this food. it came out. i looked at my tacos. in my brain i thought huh. well let’s hope they taste good, because the presentation is lacking. i took a bite. not impressive at all. i ate one, and couldn’t finish the rest. i could’ve made better tacos at home. jonathan got an enchilada, and he agreed i make better enchiladas than what he had. disappointed. so we drove home, still hungry, still wanting to salvage the evening. so i suggested going to wine squared, then getting some dessert. i love wine squared-it’s so charming.

we drove up, and…closed. we failed to remember it was labor day. after my growl of utter frustration, jonathan suggested just going to get some wine from metzler’s, which is right by our apartment. so we went, picked out some wine, and were going to go home, sit on the chairs on our porch, and enjoy the evening. now, we don’t drink a lot of wine, but jonathan has opened bottles before. i’m washing the wine glasses as he is opening, and i hear “crap”! i turn around, and the cork had broken. jonathan tried to get it out as i watched silently, hoping that he could do it. but alas, we had to push the cork down into the wine.

it’s ok, i’m thinking, it can still be good. just breathe. i go out onto our porch…and look at very dirty chairs. seriously?!? you have got to be kidding me! we sipped the wine inside on our coach. not good. i don’t think either one of us finished it. at this point it was about 8:30 and i was just done. bad dinner. bad wine. no yummy dessert. so what did we end up doing? watched a couple of episodes of how i met your mother and went to bed, just like we do every. single. night. in the end, we just had to look at each other and laugh. at that point, that’s all we could do, just laugh at the disappointment that was our anniversary celebration.

so everyone asks us, “how was your first year?” here’s the deal. i heard absolute horror stories about the first year of marriage. i heard how terrible it is, and after the terrible stories girls were telling me where i ended up staring at them with my mouth open, dumb founded, they would look at me and say, “but marriage is great”! luckily, i was reassured by the wife of the couple we met with for premarital counseling that first year of marriage is different for everyone, and those women probably went into it over romanticizing. we can honestly look at people and say with smiles on our faces in response to that question, “it was great”! did we have moments of miscommunication and learning to live with one another, absolutely. but i think that is something we’ll deal with for the next 60 years. we are blessed to say that our first year adjusting to marriage was really smooth, and honestly fun! even though we’re in a tiny one bedroom apartment with hula hoops and ball pit balls hanging from the wall, i know one day we’re going to miss our simple little life in this apartment. there has been much laughter and joy here (and my occasional screaming from the kitchen about the lack of counter space and storage). i am blessed to have such a servant hearted husband who (praise the Lord), does not sit on the couch playing video games and watching espn all day. no, he washes the dishes and helps clean the apartment without being asked. he engages me in conversation daily. he still takes me on fun dates. and most importantly, he seeks the Lord daily, and in decisions, which makes it much easier for me to submit to him in those moments. so, our first year was great, and i’m looking forward to 60 more.

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