Happy Birthday, Texas

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that’s right.  today is Texas‘ 176th birthday.  on this day, 176 years ago, delegates gathered together at Washington-On-the-Brazos to issue a Declaration of Independence from the nation of Mexico.  some facts about the Texas Revolution:

continue below for some factual facts.

 fact: the war was fought between October 2, 1835 with the Battle of Gonzalez to April 21, 1836 at the Battle of San Jacinto.

fact: the Battle of San Jacinto lasted a mere eighteen minutes, in which 630 Mexican soldiers were kills and another 730 captured.  only nine Texans died.

fact: in said Battle of San Jacinto, the numbers were 1,400 Mexicans vs. 900 Texans.

fact: Sam Houston was shot in the ankle, but was still able to ride his horse (which he had to change twice because two were killed in the battle).

fact: President Santa Anna was only captured the next day because a Mexican soldier hailed him as “El Presidente” while he was in disguise.  he was confirmed to be Santa Anna after said disguise was removed to reveal Santa Anna’s famed silk pajamas.  whoops.

fact: though the official dating of the Texas Declaration is March 2nd, it was not signed until the 3rd because some errors were discovered and then fixed.  whoops.

fact: the writing of the Declaration was based upon the writings of John Locke and Thomas Jefferson.  (link to article about TJ being the nation’s first “foodie.”)

fact: 59 men signed the Declaration.  25% of them had only lived in Texas for less than a year.

fact: the original territory of Texas extended westward all the way to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and northward all the way through Colorado and into present-day Wyoming.  see?  but let’s face it, the state looks much more iconic now.

fact: you can make pretty much any object Texas-shaped.  this is because Texas is the most delicious shape of them all.

don’t get me wrong, Texas is not a perfect state.  we easily have one of the worst Constitutions in the world with over 470 approved amendments in its history.  and we contribute more than our fair share to America’s obesity rate with a whopping 5 cities on the Top 10 Most Obese Cities in the U.S.  in that same article, only one Texas city makes it onto the “Leanest” list and that’s our beautiful/weird capital of Austin.

but Texans are passionate about Texas if nothing else.  so Happy Birthday, Texas.  may you have another 176 years and more ahead of you.

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