Intention Vs. Reaction

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i watched the following news report this morning.  when supporting a cause, i think it’s best to know both viewpoints.

it is important to understand the idea of intention vs. reaction.  a filmmaker cannot control the reaction of a viewer.  the only thing he or she can control is the information given to an intended audience.

this is one of the first things you learn as a screenwriter: who is your audience?  if you don’t know that, it’s hard to shape a story.  the same is true for a film like KONY 2012.

so who is it intended for?  those who know nothing about Joseph Kony or the LRA.  can it tell us every minute detail of a 26-year war ini 30 minutes?  no.  is the final product going to please everyone?  no.

it’s not surprising that Ugandans would react negatively to KONY 2012.  after all, they are not the intended audience.  now, if Invisible Children wanted to make a film for Ugandans about Kony’s atrocities, it would certainly be a very, very different film.  these people have seen the war with their own eyes and are the front lines of Kony’s evil…so of course they won’t understand why someone would wear a bracelet or t-shirt with Kony’s name and image.  it just seems hurtful to them, just as it would be hurtful to wear a shirt with Osama bin-Ladin’s face on it to a gathering of 9/11 victims.

what the average Ugandan doesn’t understand about the film, though, is that it is simply about exposure.  KONY 2012 is simply intended to expose Kony to the American public/media and keep that exposure prominent and current until he is captured.

all this video does is re-affirm my compassion for these people and others like them across the world.  if i were one of them, i too would throw a rock at the screen.  but the intention of KONY 2012 remains a good one, even if the reaction of many cannot be controlled.  honestly, the film welcomes all types of reactions, good and bad, because all will help further the cause of making Joseph Kony famous and infamous in the hopes of his capture.

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