Finally I Got A Puppy!

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so, after a couple of years of asking (and by asking i mean begging on a daily basis), my husband gave in and i FINALLY got a PUPPY! and he is the cutest, sweetest, smartest, best puppy in the world. blog world, meet the newest edition to our family, Sirius.

he is a “boxador” (boxer and lab) and we brought him home when he was 8 weeks old. he was in a litter of 8. after i had already picked him out, i knew he was going to have an attitude because he then climbed on top of his brothers and sister to go to sleep.

well if any of you have read our blog before, my husband posted one awhile ago about my need for a puppy. when we told all our family and friends we got a dog, most of them responded with, “so how did you get jonathan to cave”? truth be told he didn’t necessarily “cave”; we had both been wanting a dog lately.  however after leaving a friend’s house one night, we drove by one of denton’s famous “frenchy vans” that leave messages all over the community, and this one said, “denton animal shelter full. half price adoptions today and tomorrow”.  of course i immediately squealed, “babe the shelter is full!! please can we get a pup??? and it’s half price!” he sighed and reluctantly told me we could look at the website at home and see, but it did not mean we were going to get a puppy. so i looked. and to my great excitement, there was a picture of these 8 adorable puppies, so we agreed to go first thing in the morning (it was seriously like christmas to me, or knowing i was about to go to disney world because it took me forever to get to sleep).

well we got there (yes before it even opened), and these sweet puppies were nowhere to be found. in my head i was utterly disappointed, but someone asked “what are you looking for” and to my delight they still had 4 puppies left! we walked into the room, one of the volunteers picked up sirius, and i knew that was our puppy. he was the only one that had a white stripe on his face, belly, little paws and tail, but what really got me was the “freckles” on his nose. my patient husband agreed and two days later the little guy was so excited to be in our home. i feel like this never happens often in a shelter, but we did get to meet sirius’ momma, and if we had a house we would have taken her too.  she was a super sweet, all white boxer and just so good natured.

so below are some of our favorite sirius moments. oh, and for those of you that don’t understand why we named him sirius…yes it’s the star constellation that looks like a dog, but for me it’s from one of my favorite characters in the harry potter series, Sirius Black, who knows how to turn himself into a dog. and by the way (this is to my sister who thinks i’m a complete nerd), 9 times out of 10 when we tell people his name, their response is “oh like sirius black? that’s awesome!”

 He loves to sleep on the coffee table shelf!      This is how he likes to ride in the car

 The first time he saw his reflection…evil sirius 🙂 
 Playing with his new best friend, Molly. Molly is my parents’ dog. 
 His cute little 8 week old self 
 Since he didn’t sleep at all the first night, he conked out the next morning
 He LOVES to be outside and go on walks
 I’m sorry, but how cute is this?
Difference between 8 weeks and 10 weeks, growing so fast! 

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