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last week we made a pretty big announcement: we’re adopting from japan. these past couple of months have been a whirlwind, and this past week….whirlwind is a major understatement.

for those of you who don’t know, here’s a recap:
november 2012: we paid off the business.
january 2013: we started looking for houses in Little Elm (just outside of Frisco). since my business is in frisco, the amount of driving is killing me and our gas bill, so moving it is.
february 2013: we put an offer on a house, found out we got it! already moving way faster than expected since we weren’t planning on moving until may when our lease ends. but the way the market in that area was moving, we had to jump on a house if we liked it. and the Lord provided!
march 2013: we started the adoption process. again, moving way faster than expected. i really just started making calls to gather info, and we weren’t really going to move on anything until june/july at the earliest. we wanted time to get settled, but God had other plans. we found out that there is a new law and we needed to get our home study and paperwork filed before the grace period ends in july. the new law is a good thing, and won’t make it harder to adopt, just delay things because of red tape. we close on our house in 1 week (possibly by monday).

during all this, we’ve also been transitioning to a new church in frisco, and i’ve been crazy busy scheduling and preparing for my busiest time of the year, summer, which will be here in just a few short weeks. we are going through some MAJOR life changes in a matter of a couple of months. we are overwhelmed with all this transition in such a short amount of time…but not necessarily in a bad way.

we are overwhelmed by blessings we don’t deserve.
we are overwhelmed by God’s perfect timing.
we are overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness.
we are overwhelmed by God’s provision.
we are overwhelmed by the answers to prayer.
we are overwhelmed with joy.
we are overwhelmed with excitement.

yes, it’s all a little scary. we’re going into this a little blind, taking one step at a time, and just saying, “ok Lord, if this is what you want.” we want to be obedient, we want to be good stewards, we want to walk in humility, we want to be open-handed, knowing that even if it all fails, we can still say He is good. He knows what is best.

so there you have it. ¬†please consider giving to our adoption fund. these fees are already adding up quickly. just changing my name on my passport and getting certified copies of our marriage license and birth certificates cost us a pretty penny yesterday. we have to do our home study in a month. you can donate as little as $10 to our favorite fundraiser that is so special to us-buy a piece of our adoption puzzle. on the back of that piece we will write your name, and once it is all put together we are putting it in a double sided glass frame to hang in our baby’s room. this is such a tangible way to show our child how precious he or she is. to take that puzzle down and say, “Look at all the people who care about you. these are people who helped bring you home, to your forever family.” you can click on the link on the right side of this page, but we also encourage you to visit our adoption website: http://graftingbranches.com to learn more about our hearts behind adoption. whether or not you can or decide to give financially, we know the power of prayer and would ask you to join in praying for this process, our marriage, our child, and this season of what seems like good, un-ending transition. thank you family and friends. you truly don’t know what your support means to us.¬†

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