from little d to little elm

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i can’t even remember the first time i moved, nor could i tell you with absolute certainty where we moved to. i know my parents were living in Carrollton when i was born, but beyond that, i’m useless. the first move i really remember well was in 1990.

but one of the biggest moves i ever made was in 2005 when i moved (back) to Denton to continue going to UNT.

and it has been home ever since.

until last week, we signed our names and took on a mortgage, buying our first home in Little Elm, Texas. and now home has a completely different meaning to go along with a different location.

in the eyes of some, this is not such a big move. a 30-60 minute drive from Denton (depending on what mood I-35 is in) doesn’t seem too bad at all. but it’s a big move in the sense that we have left a community of people that we loved, and to be honest, felt comfortable around.

but God rarely calls His people to comfort, a truth that is easier said than grasped.

i initially fought the idea of moving to Little Elm or Frisco when Christa first suggested it well over a year ago. “it’s too suburban,” i claimed. “it’s too white,” i argued.

translation: “it’s not Denton, it’s not comfortable for me.”

but steadily the Lord worked on my heart, softening me to the idea.

after all, He asked Abraham to move from the only place he’d ever known to a land that never really became “home,” but he was only promised, “This will be your children’s home.”

and He raised up Moses to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt – the only home they had known for 430 years, albeit an abusive home – out into a wilderness of doubt beyond which lay a promised land that none of them had ever seen.

and of course He sent his Son from his kingdom of Heaven to make the sinful wasteland of Earth his home.

compared to those (and the others i didn’t go into), my move is not such a big deal.

but it’s a big deal to us because we loved Denton, and now the Lord has called us to love the town of Little Elm and the city of Frisco. and we are learning to love it day by day.

working on our new home, fixing things, painting things, reminds me that i am an unfinished work. but the Lord is faithful to chisel away, fill in holes, and sometimes create new holes where they are needed, to make me more complete.

how can something be made more complete? isn’t it just “complete”? no. not really. one can build a house and say, “it’s complete.” but then later on, it needs another room added, or a deck expanded, or a yard uprooted and re-planted. as the home is changed, it becomes more complete.

and so it is with me. and i have to remind myself that i’m being made “more complete” day by day.

i’m a broken mess. and my temper, impatience, and snappiness this past week (or so) has revealed that fact to me more times than i really want to count. if i were a house, i’d be a foreclosure.

but i’m thankful for a forgiving wife and a forgiving Lord. i’m thankful for a roof over my head and a roof over my heart.

i’m thankful for an empty room upstairs that (hopefully) sooner than later will be filled with a daily reminder that i too have been adopted.

in short, i’m thankful for my time in Denton…and thankful for my time in Little Elm, even though it has only begun.

we still have a lot of work to do, but we hope to see everyone soon and hope you’ll brave the journey to see our new home.

but beware…we might put you to work.

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