14 Things to Remember When Life Gets You Down

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it’s easy to let life get you down when so many bad things happen in the world. but you know what? but there’s also some awesome things that happen in the world. this is a (non-comprehensive) list of those things.

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14. This Guy Was In Charge of the Largest U.S. State

Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Body-Builder, Actor, and 38th Governor of California

13. This Guy Won an Oscar

Nic Cage/Ghost Rider (Best Actor, Leaving Las Vegas)

12. This Movie Got Made

Space Jam, Starring Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny, and Bill Freakin’ Murray
11. Bagpipes Exist
Bonus: Bagpipers Exist, Too
10. This Guy Played Golf…on the MOON.

Astronaut Alan Shepard, First American in Space and First To Play Lunar Golf
(that’s right – REAL Lunar Golf, not that lame mall version)

9. This Dog Adopted These Tiger Cubs
8. The Simpsons is the Longest-Running Scripted TV Show EVER

Wait…where’s Maggie?

7. Spinal Tap is Real

 Bonus: Actor/Musician Harry Shearer (far left) is a regular voice on The Simpsons.
Bonus Bonus: The Folksmen are real too.
6. The Biggest Tree In the World Is Named “General Sherman”

…and is obviously not located anywhere near Georgia.
5. The President Pardons a Turkey Every Year on Thanksgiving
 For the crime of being delicious, apparently. This tradition was formally adopted by Bush I in 1989, so no, it’s not some weird thing we’ve been doing for two hundred years…it’s just some weird thing we’ve been doing for twenty-three years.
Bonus: the look on Malia Obama’s face.

4. Velcro Was Invented As a Result of This Guy Walking His Dog
George De Mestral: Inventor/Dog-Owner
3. THIS Guy Was In Charge of the Largest U.S. State
Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, 33rd Governor of New York, 25th Vice-President of the U.S., 
26th President of the U.S. and generally awesome.

2. THIS Guy Won An Oscar

Harold Russell, WWII Veteran/Hero, double-amputee
(Best Supporting Actor, The Best Years of Our Lives)

1. THIS Movie Got Made
 It’s a Wonderful Life, Starring James Stewart and Donna Reed –
often considered the most inspirational/happiest movie ever made.

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