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hi friends! most of you who have been following us know that we want to be very open, honest, and open-handed during our journey, so we wanted to give everyone a more detailed update about where we are in the adoption process and how fundraising is going. 
where we are in the process
  • our home study report is officially finished! our agency here in the U.S. is overnighting us two originals so we can send one to our agency in japan. 
  • our next step is to file our I-600 A form to USCIS (immigration). this form is our petition to U.S. immigration to find us eligible to adopt an orphan. along with this form, our home study report (and the reams of paperwork that went into the home study report) will be filed with it. our goal is to get this petition done by the end of the week and send it to our agency here, who will send it to USCIS on our behalf. 
  • once our petition has been received/accepted, USCIS will notify us to go get our biometric fingerprinting done. 
  • we are still hopeful that all of this can be done before the july 13th deadline we are trying to beat. once it is finished, we will send everything to our agency in japan. 
  • our flight for our fall mission trip to japan is booked! we will be going to visit/volunteer at our japanese agency from September 23rd-October 8th. 
where we are in the fundraising process
if you haven’t already, or if you need a refresher as to why we are fundraising (including details of the expenses/estimated budget), before reading this update please read this post. 
  • so far, we have raised $7,604.68 and our expenses have been $6,003.15. Of that $6,003.15, 870.61 was paid by us for things like the website, phone calls to our agency in japan, getting certified copies of birth certificates, marriage license, renewing passports, anything we’ve had to mail, the expense retainer to our agency in the U.S. The rest has been money we have raised, used to pay for our home study and our flight to japan. our expenses will soon go up by another $890, which is our filing fee and biometric fingerprinting fee for our I-600 A form. 
  • of everything we’ve raised, $5,000 of it is represented in two very generous gifts. the Lord has been faithful to give our adoption its “daily bread” thus far. 
  • we still have 230 puzzle pieces left for our adoption puzzle fundraiser. look on the right hand side of this blog-it explains what it is and you can donate right here for as little as $10. now that our home study is finished, we can start applying for matching grants (we raise X amount, the organization matches that amount. so if we raise $3,000, they give us another $3,000). our puzzle piece fundraiser was originally going to go towards our home study fee, but since we were gifted with the full amount needed, we are now using this fundraiser to go towards a matching grant. 
  • we had one garage sale and made $353.78. we are planning on having another one late june-early july, so if you want to get rid of junk in your house, give it to us and we’ll sell it. ALL money goes to our adoption, we keep none of it. excess donations are re-donated to Frisco Family Services.
  • support a local business and help bring our baby home! dear friends are giving us 10% of their profits, and their businesses are AWESOME! if you are a dentonite, go see Austin Street Apothecary and Lil’ Monsties at the Denton Community Market. Anyone at anytime can get an awesome Nerium product from my dear friend Kelsey Tennison-check these out! 
  • don’t forget, if you need a date night, the Jordans will babysit and we’ll put the money in our adoption fund. 
  • coming soon: we’ll be selling adoption t-shirts! if you are interested in helping us sell some and have an avenue to do so, contact us and we’ll get you hooked up. 
how you can pray for us
  • that all of our immigration paperwork gets processed quickly and smoothly, and we finish before july 13th.
  • for continued provision for all the expenses that still await us, even AFTER we bring baby home (remember we have 6 months worth of post placement visits, all are well over $300 a piece to make adoption full and final). 
  • for the protection and safety of our baby, and for our child’s birth mother
  • many of you have been asking what the likelihood is that we go on our mission trip this fall and come home with a baby. the answer is, it could happen, but we don’t know. since our process does not have a more specific time frame, we are asking the Lord that we would get to bring baby jordan home this year. but His timing is (and always has been) perfect.

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