When in Japan

We are currently sitting in the DFW airport waiting for our first flight to LAX, then on to Narita. we had great intentions to do this blog before our trip, but hey-still counts right? just a reminder, this is a mission trip to volunteer with our agency and build a relationship with them, as well as loving on some missionaries and reuniting with some friends. read: we are not coming home with a baby. this is a pre-placement visit. we only mention that because we have had so many people ask us that. several of you have asked how you can specifically be praying for us, and we are SO thankful and encouraged by that, we will gladly give you some prayer points.

1. Safe travels, protection, and good health
2. That we would be a blessing to our agency and our time with them would be sweet.
3. Favor-we will be giving our agency copies of all our paperwork and filling out some paperwork they need from us. 
4. Pray of course for divine appointments and the people of Japan, that we would have many opportunities to share the gospel in a dark place. 
5. Answers-that we would hopefully get more of an idea from this trip when the likelihood is of us getting placed with our son or daughter 
6. Lastly and most importantly, that God would be glorified in this adoption story, that through this earthly adoption our precious child and his/her mother birth mother would come to know a heavenly adoption. 
Thank you all again so much for your love, care, support, and encouragement to us. We will give updates when we can! 

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