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hi all-

so now that we are in the “waiting” stage of our adoption, we don’t plan on twiddling our thumbs, but we want to be active in doing everything we can to be ready to bring baby home. this means lots of prayer, painting, buying baby stuff, and, of course, fundraising.

because of my love of running, we’ve come up with a new fundraiser that we’re super excited about for the month of November leading up to the Dallas Marathon. so, all my running friends out there…here’s how you can support us.

are you ready to learn about “Adopt My Run”? read below…


How It Works:
We need friends to sign up to be MARATHONERS.
A MARATHONER’S job is to log 26.2 miles total by either WALKING or RUNNING during the month of November. That’s it. 26.2 miles in 30 days. To log their miles, each MARATHONER can use the website or any other similar running/walking app so that the miles can be tracked accurately. You are encouraged to “publish” your progress by sharing your walks/runs on Facebook to help spread the word.
The MARATHONER is also responsible for getting PLEDGERS who will each pledge $26.2 for their Marathoner to complete their 26.2 miles during November. PLEDGERS could be a Marathoner’s friend, family member, co-worker, worst enemy, etc. Pledgers are only required to pledge $26.2…no more. Marathoners can recruit as many Pledgers as they can, but their goal is to get 10.
Why get 10?
When a Marathoner gets 10 Pledgers, that equals $262…see a theme here? If a Marathoner raises $262, he or she gets to select a piece of attire that Jonathan has to wear during the Dallas Marathon on December 8th.
Those cute pink gloves you always thought Jonathan could pull off? Now’s your chance. Your business’s t-shirt? Free advertising. That ugly hat you’ve been trying to get rid of? Done.
But it gets better. The Marathoner who gets the MOST Pledgers gets to choose an article of clothing that Jonathan has to wear as he crosses the Finish Line on December 8th. And the Marathoner who logs the MOST miles during November gets to choose an article of clothing Jonathan has to wear at the Start Line
There are certain limitations to clothing – it can’t inhibit Jonathan’s ability to run or put him in danger. But other than that, he’s pretty flexible.
So what’s the good thing about being a Pledger? Well, besides helping a great cause and motivating your friends to be healthy, every Pledger will be entered into a raffle for some awesome prizes that will be drawn for following the Dallas Marathon.
Our goal is to get 26 Marathoners. And if that means Jonathan has to wear 26 ridiculous things during the Dallas Marathon, so be it. It’s worth it to get Baby Jordan home!

You can sign up today to be either a Marathoner by emailing me at, or you can become a Pledger by visiting and sponsoring your favorite Marathoner.

And I hope to see you at the Dallas Marathon taking pictures of me looking awful.

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