Adopt My Run (an update)

we are so blown away by the support we have gotten for this fundraiser in just 4 days. God is exceeding our expectations, proving His faithfulness yet again, providing yet another creative way to bring home Baby Jordan (or babies-remember we COULD get two!), and it is so humbling that He is allowing us to do it all. we have been so moved and touched by the outpouring of support by our family, friends, friends of friends, and people we haven’t even met. i (christa) am tearing up right now just thinking about it all.

if you are reading this and asking, “what in the world is this crazy girl talking about?” we just announced our newest, and most fun fundraiser. you can read about it here.

even though we have all of our marathoners, there are still several ways you can support Adopt My Run. you can:

1) be a Pledger and make a one-time pledge of $26.20 to one of our awesome Marathoners listed out at
2) become a Recruiter! you can help get the word out and recruit Pledgers to give to our Marathoners!
3) become a Backup Marathoner in case someone has to drop out for any reason.
4) help Christa collect raffle items for our raffle we are doing in December!
5) volunteer to be at a Changing Station during the Dallas Marathon on December 8th since Jonathan will need to change clothes as part of the fundraiser.

if you’re interested in doing any of these things, you can message us on FB or email us or stop us on the street. we are overwhelmed with gratitude for all the support so far and we are looking forward to November!

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