Our First Four Marathoners

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as we look forward to the start of Adopt My Run in November, we thought it would be nice to introduce our readers to all of our Marathoners! to give them each adequate time and space, though, we’ve broken it up into groups. so this first post will focus on our first four Marathoners: Jeremy Herron, Nathan Dean, Cara Dean, and David Swingle.

Jeremy Herron
Jeremy is our community group leader at our church, Providence Church in Frisco, TX. We have only known Jeremy since around March of this year when we began attending there. Jeremy has the heart of a servant – even before we’d met in person, he offered to help us move whenever we closed on our house. It has been a joy to get to know him, his wonderful wife Callie, and their two kids, Ada (3) and Beck (1). Jeremy works for an after-school program called Alpha Best, but he also LOVES working on cars and learning how to work on cars. He volunteers at church as a service coordinator for our children’s ministry, and sometimes we wonder how he has as much energy as he does. We’re excited to have him on board!

Nathan Dean
Nathan is also a member of our community group, and we have known him since our first time visiting. Nathan is a literature/movie/writing/U2 nerd, so he and Jonathan get along just fine. He was eager to become a Marathoner when we talked about the fundraiser at our community group, boasting, “I’m going to raise SO much money!” He is married to Cara, our next Marathoner, and they have two boys, Henry (2) and Wesley (10 months). Nathan works for Capital One, but his actual job is a bit of a mystery to us. So glad to have his support!

Cara Dean
 It has been a joy to get to know her since we first met earlier this year. She has such sweet spirit and is always willing to help – in fact, she actually came up with the name of “Adopt My Run” when we were stumped. We have been so moved by the Dean’s generosity in our adoption process, from puzzle pieces to letting us babysit, and just being great friends. Cara is crafty, loves decorating and design, and is an awesome stay-at-home Mommy to Henry and Wesley. She is in the process of training for her first half-marathon, so she too was eager to sign up and we are excited to have her!

David Swingle
David was a member of the home group that Jonathan led at the Village Church – Denton. In fact, Jonathan got the honor of baptizing him in 2009, and even since moving apart they have kept up with each others’ lives. David is married to his wife Cailin and works in Dallas as a Software Engineer for L-3 Communications. He is an avid runner, having run the Cow Town Marathon earlier this year. When he’s not running or working, he enjoys reading the Scriptures and enjoying a good brew (sometimes at the same time, I’m sure). His goal is to log 100 miles during Adopt My Run and make a “run” at the Most Miles prize. We are thrilled to have his support in this!

remember, their goal is to get 10 people to pledge a one time, $26.20 and they get to pick out an item of clothing Jonathan has to wear when he runs the Dallas Marathon on December 8th! What’s in it for you pledgers? Besides helping us bring our baby home, your name will be automatically entered into a raffle with some GREAT items (merry christmas!) for every pledge you make. all proceeds go directly into our adoption fund, and every penny helps us bring our son or daughter home. to pledge, go to our adoption website, and click “add to cart” beside their name and picture.

our soon-to-be-family of 3 (or 4) thanks you! 

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