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Adopt My Run kicks off this Friday, November 1st! we are so proud of our marathoners and want you to get to know them all. if you missed our first four marathoners, you can check them out heretoday, we are going to introduce you to marathoners 5-8: Lacey Carter, Amesha Morris, Andrew Dealy, and Rebekah Poling.

Lacey Carter (Aunt Lacey) 
Lacey is Christa’s big sister and proud Aunt-to-be! Lacey lives with her husband, Michael and their identical twin 2-year-old boys, Mason & Maddox in Pearland, Tx.  Lacey has always been a supportive sister, and with a background in Marketing/Advertisement, she’s been our first go-to person when we have had an adoption fundraiser idea. Lacey is a stay-at-home mommy, loves to travel, would totally live on the beach if she had the opportunity, and could watch Pitch Perfect every day and still laugh at it.  Like most in-laws, Lacey and Jonathan love to pick on each other. She has always been the athlete in the family, and since Mason and Maddox love to go on walks every evening, coming on board was a no brainer. Come on, who wouldn’t want to pledge to the cutest little marathon helpers in that picture?

Amesha Morris
As you can see from this picture, Amesha has quite the personality. She is way fun to be around because there is never a dull moment with this girl. Amesha and Jonathan became good friends in college and Christa took a ballet class with her last year. Amesha works for the City of Denton doing Watershed Protection…whatever the heck that means. She should probably have her own reality show, enjoys making conversation and life totally awkward, and is a former model (yeah, she’s fierce). To match her awkwardness, Christa is totally trying to arrange a marriage between her and another marathoner…when he is announced you’ll see what a cute couple they’ll make. We’re excited to have her on our team!

Andrew Dealy
We met Andrew and his family through church, and he and Jonathan bonded over their favorite pastime: running. I’ve lost count of how many races Andrew has run, and he’s the one to beat for logging miles. He’ll be running the Ft. Worth Marathon on November 10th, logging his 26.2 in a single day! Andrew lives with his wife, Tricia, and their two cute kids, Myla (4) and Weston (1.5) in Denton, TX. He is currently a Pastoral Intern at The Village Church Denton, and got his degree in counseling from TWU (Texas Women’s University, in case you didn’t know what it stands for – that’s how secure in his masculinity he is). Andrew and Tricia have hearts for adoption, and since day one have been quick to find opportunities to support us. We’re excited to have him as a marathoner!

Rebekah Poling
Bekah and Christa have been close friends since 2007 when they were in the same home group. She and Jonathan also worked together at the Nelson Center in 2008. Bekah lives with her husband, Chad and her two beautiful step-daugthers, Haley (18) and Kennedy(14) in Argyle, TX. Aside from being an awesome wife and stepmom, she is the Regional Director of Development for Lutheran Social Services of the South. Bekah can play the harmonica and the flute, is a native of Maine, and totally thought Taco Bell was legit tex-mex until someone showed her the light. Bekah and Christa survived living in the attic of a house together, crashing on each other’s couches (and offices) and though life gets crazy, they still meet for coffee once a week.  Bekah started running again recently, so she was totally down for 26.2 in November. We love their family and are excited to have “Auntie” in the mix!

to pledge a one time, $26.20 to any of our marathoners, go to our website and click “add to cart” by their names. for every pledge you make, you will be entered into a raffle with awesome prizes, and maybe save yourself from buying a christmas present or two. help them get to 10 pledgers by the end of November! all proceeds go into our adoption fund and are greatly appreciated! thanks for your support!

jonathan, christa, baby j, and sirius pup

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