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continuing the introduction of our Marathoners for “Adopt My Run,” we would like you all to read about Marathoners 9-12: Susan Jordan, Michaela “Snoodle” Powell, Javier Elizalde, and Deanna Caraway!

Susan Jordan is better known as “Mom” to Jonathan and “Mama J” to her 6 grandkids and waiting on ours, #7.  A very-nervous Christa met Susan on Labor Day weekend in 2009 not long after she and Jonathan started dating. Susan was eager to sign up and have an excuse to walk – she used to walk the track at Jonathan’s high school innumerable times while Jonathan did summer training for cross country. She has lived a diverse life from studying education at UNT, working for Perot Systems in the 80s, being a stay-at-home mom, being a sometimes home-schooling mom to all 4 of her children, working as a church financial secretary, teaching piano, and having to live with James Jordan. Her favorite book is Gone With the Wind and her favorite composer is Bach and Jonathan gets his chocoholism from her. So glad to have her on our team to bring Baby J home!

Michaela Powell was introduced to Jonathan by Christa as “Snoodle,” so he still has trouble remembering her real name sometimes. Christa and Michaela met through a mutual friend, Hannah Boshart, and Christa quickly came to love the fact that Michaela gives Hannah a run for her money in the adventureous department. She is a Lincoln, Nebraska native, but Michaela currently lives in Nashville, TN where she works at Hatch Show Print, the oldest working letterpress shop in the country (she’s that cool ya’ll). She will go out of her way when traveling to catch up with friends. Anytime she can get a good cup of coffee, a piece of pie, and local music she’s a happy girl. She is our only bicyclist for “Adopt My Run,” and will be riding 262 miles in November to match our other Marathoner’s 26.2 miles. She also enjoys making ice cream, and when asked if she could pick her favorite flavor, her response was cinnamon, dutch chocolate, cookies n cream, soooo many! She once made me guinness ice cream and it was delish. Michaela has always been welcome to sleep on the Jordans’ couch when visiting Texas, except now we actually have a BED for you when you come visit Snoodle!

Javier Elizalde was introduced to Jonathan as “Pancho,” though we’re not sure why. Jonathan met him in 2009 while on a mission trip to Mexico City since Javier was dating his now-wife Michelle, Jonathan’s good friend from college. Javier now runs his own photography business, Elizalde Photography in Denton, TX and goes on runs most mornings with his part-pit bull Maya. Javier hopes to return to Mexico in the future as a missionary and has been on multiple mission trips to Oaxaca. Javier also enjoys writing, watching movies, and drinking beer – so he and Jonathan get along just fine. Christa lived with Michelle while she and Javier were having to long-distance date, so Christa got to know Javi very well through a computer screen. He and his wife Michelle are like family to us, so much so that our pups are best buddies and we can’t say “Tia, Tio, or Maya” around our dog because he will go crazy. They have already been so supportive of our adoption process and we are excited to have him on our team!

Deanna Caraway, better known to us as “Aunt D” to us or “DeDe” to her grandchildren, is one of the most supportive family members you could ever ask for. Whether it has been coming to watch a million dance recitals, going on vacations together, or sending a card in the mail just because, she has one of the sweetest spirits and giving hearts. Christa has many memories of waking up in Aunt D’s house with all her cousins on Christmas morning, visiting Sea World and Fiesta Texas, and the infamous trip to Cloudcroft, New Mexico where our families laughed uncontrollably. She is the “Ethel” to another one of our marathoners in our next group, and when you get those two together, all bets are off. If you ever need to know what is going on in the political world, Aunt D will be able to tell you. She loves all things teddy bears, spending time with her 6 precious grandkids, and a good cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks. She was the first marathoner to hit 10 pledgers and we are so blessed to have her walking for Baby J!

To pledge to these guys or support any of our marathoners, just go to the link at the top of the page, find their picture, click “Add to Cart” beside their name, and paypal will guide you through the rest!

Thanks for supporting us,

The Jordan Fam

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