Marathoners 13-16

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you get the drill by now…we are happy to introduce to you the next group of marathoners for Adopt My Run: Rhonda Kimble, Kaylee Jacobs, Amber LaRue and MingYuan Low.

Rhonda is Mom to Christa, and Momma K to Mason, Maddox, and grand baby #3. She has been called Momma K affectionately for awhile because she was a second momma to many of Lacey and Christa’s friends, and the countless kids she has ministered to over the years between being a Children’s Minister to working at elementary schools. She has provided much entertainment to the Kimble Clan (ask her about a jet ski incident), and Jonathan has really enjoyed getting to know what he calls the “Kimble-isms”, many of which are coined by my mother, like “turkle tail,” “skin a monkey,” and “beat to a different drum.” Rhonda is the “Lucy” to fellow-Marathoner Deanna Caraway. If you ever come over to Momma K’s, you will be welcomed with many decadent, delicious treats, because this woman can bake – a gene that Christa inherited. She’s known as the “Martha Stewart” of the family, and this time of year you will quickly start to see a Christmas tree in every room of the house.  She was more than happy to walk every step to bring home another grand baby (or 2) and we are excited to have Momma K on board!

Kaylee, also known as “K-Dog” to Christa (old inside joke that she will never let go) lives in delightfully quirky Denton. She works at First State Bank, and was the first brave soul I knew around my age to buy the most adorable, little white house. She always has a cool, crafty project going that you can follow here Kaylee and Christa became friends through attending the same home group, and later on also lived in the sketchy attic of the Dartmouth house together. In those days, we bonded over falling down lots of stairs, enduring a crazy amount of heat, and singing/viewing lots of Les Miserables (because we were indeed miserable in that attic sometimes). She and Jonathan volunteered together in Kids Village, the children’s ministry at the Village Church. If you watch Parks & Rec, her dad is literally Ron Swanson in real life. She is also the puppy-mama to a hilarious beagle named Thursday, though she has told us Thursday does not make much of a Marathon partner. We love having our dear friend on our team!

Amber LaRue is wife to Patrick and momma to two adorable twin boys Benjamin & Jackson. Christa had a class with Patrick in college and met Amber while they were dating. She knew Amber was something special because Patrick could not stop talking about her, and rightfully so! Amber and Christa worked together with Stretch-n-Grow Denton and have many fun teaching stories. She is now one of the Licensed Specialists in School Psychology at Little Elm High School, just down the street from our house! She and Patrick also helped start a non-profit called “United Through H.O.P.E.” which helps build social skills in children and adults with social difficulties. Back in the day, Christa and Amber quickly bonded over “Margarita Mondays” in the summer time and Christa loved watching her and Patrick’s story unfold because they are one of the sweetest couples you’ll meet. As you can tell from her picture, Amber is a hard core athlete. She always played sports growing up, and we have no doubt she will run with and without her boys like a boss!

Ming…where do we start with Ming? Jonathan and Ming became friends back in 2008 while Ming was finishing up his degree at TWU in Denton. Ming and Christa became friends on facebook before they met in real life, bonding over a mutual love for Broadway musicals. When he’s not hanging out with Sir Ian McKellan or some other Broadway stars, he works on his doctorate in Music Therapy. Ming is originally from Malaysia and is apparently the descendent of Emperor Ming from Chinese history, which is pretty cool. He loves music and the ability it has to help mankind, especially the disabled. He is an excellent pianist and played the pre-ceremony music at Christa and Jonathan’s wedding. Jonathan and Christa miss him a lot and need to go see him in NYC and maybe catch a show or two while they’re at it. Anyway, we couldn’t be happier to have Ming logging miles for us in our favorite American city on behalf of Baby J!

We would also like to announce that we are now 1/3 of the way through Adopt My Run and have so far received pledges for a total of $3,960! Way to go, everyone!

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