Marathoners 17-20

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our next group of Marathoners is made up of Kristen Wilhelm, Michelle Hurt, Bryan Burrell, and Christine Burrell! learn more about them below – and we hope you’ll pledge for one of them for Adopt My Run!

Kristen and Jonathan actually met back in college at the BSM and though they had a lot of mutual friends, they were more acquaintances than anything else. Kristen and Christa became good friends while being in the same home group. ┬áKristen has a passion for missions and shares our love for Japan after she went on a short-term trip, spending time in Sendai where Jonathan and Christa both got to spend a couple of days on their recent trip. She loves spending time with her family, and during basketball season it is no secret she will be cheering on the Dallas Mavs. She is so much fun to be around and has such a heart to serve. Kristen currently works for Vista Academy as a kindergarten teacher (she’s taught her class all about Japan-it’s pretty cute). She has already been so supportive of our adoption process and we’re thrilled to have her on the team!

Michelle and Jonathan also met back in college through the BSM, and they were actually building-neighbors at La Colina apartments back in 2006-07! Michelle and her husband Bryan live in Denton and have a cute little boy named Titus. Michelle works for the College of Music at UNT and loves being around all of the international students that the university brings to town! She has become quite an avid runner and is actually training for her first full marathon – the Dallas Marathon on December 8th of this year! So she and Jonathan will be running “together,” though we can guarantee that her wardrobe will be better than his. We couldn’t be happier to have her as one of our Marathoners for Adopt My Run!

Bryan is better known as “Uncle Bryan” to Christa and honestly, well, he’s kind of a big goofball. He and his wife Christine (next to be introduced) live in San Angelo, Texas where they are regulars at the football field on Friday nights (Go Bobcats!). Bryan is what we call a “UPS Man” who obviously gets pretty busy this time of year. ┬áHe is also into endurance challenges like “Tough Mudder,” including getting shocked with electricity – in other words, logging 26.2 miles in a month seems a bit tame. He also loves to work with his hands, so there seems to be a remodel or project that requires tools going on often. He always has a smile on his face, a joke at the ready, and will do just about anything he can to help those he loves, so we’re glad to have him as a Marathoner!

Christine is better known as “Aunt Chris” to Christa and somehow she ended up married to Bryan who also ropes her into those strange endurance challenges. We realized quickly when we were getting all of our marathoners up on our website, Aunt Chris apparently NEVER gets in front of a camera. Literally, all the pictures of her are of the back of her head. When she’s not avoiding the camera, she is working at her alma mater, Angelo State University and serving faithfully at their church. She and Bryan love to travel any chance they get, and in the summertime you can find her relaxing in their beautiful pool and backyard. She does her best to keep her husband in line, and we are so glad to have her running those 26.2 miles for Baby J!

So there you have it friends! Show these marathoners some love by pledging for them RIGHT NOW before it’s too late! Remember, this fundraiser only lasts the month of November.


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