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yes you read that right, 24.2. we actually ended up with a total 28.2 marathoners, so we will be introducing one more group after this. we are just 6 days away from the end of Adopt My Run, so now is the time to get those pledges in! click here to donate your one time, $26.20 pledge by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button beside the Marathoner of your choice. now, without further ado, we are pleased to introduce to you marathoners Jan Dorris, Phyllis Blair, Kayla Blair, and Hannah and Cayley Jordan!

Jan is known as Aunt Jan to Christa (sister to fellow marathoners Rhonda and Bryan). Aunt Jan lives with her husband Duwain and has two kids, twins Marc and Katie, and is “Meme” to her two grandsons Keegan and Landon. She works at TXU in a supervisory position. Jan is very into health and taking care of her body, which makes sense if you’ve been keeping up with her progress-she’s a walking machine! She’s already logged 46.51 miles and is still going. She gets tons of healthy nutrients from juicing, and has been using/selling the Young Living Essential Oils for years to heal the body naturally. Though she may be the big sister in the family, she can hold her own and keep her younger siblings in line when they all get together! She is so devoted to her family and we are so excited to have her walking for Baby J.

Phyllis is also known as Aunt Phyl to Christa (sister to fellow marathoner Deanna and sister-in-law to Rhonda).  She and her husband Scott love to travel and I’ve lost count of how many times they have been scuba diving. If she is anywhere near a lake or body of water, you can find her paddling away in a kayak (she even talked Christa into kayaking at the lake this summer). Hiking, biking, motorcycle riding, you name it – or challenge Aunt Phyl to anything outdoorsy or adventurous, she’ll do it!  Aunt Phyl is definitely the cheerleader of the family, attending every dance recital, sporting event, school program for all of her nieces, nephews, and great-nieces and nephews. She is also a great advocate for the kids she works with every day at Starkey Elementary where she is over the reading and mentor program. We were not surprised when she wanted to join our Adopt My Run team, as she has been a very vocal support of our adoption already, and we love and have no doubt  that she will be cheering on our son or daughter for many years to come!

Kayla is cousin to Christa, daughter to Phyllis, and niece to Deanna and Rhonda. She is in her senior year at Oklahoma Baptist University set to graduate in May with a major in Recreation Sports Ministry. Kayla has a heart to serve and has been on numerous mission trips, most recently to Ecuador, and loves ministering to kids and youth at camps in the summer. Last year she interned with the youth at a church and she serves faithfully wherever she lives. After she graduates she hopes to go into full-time camp ministry. Like her mom, she loves all things outdoors whether it is climbing, riding her bike, kayaking, hiking, or playing sports. She played soccer in high school and when she was a student at Howard Payne. At OBU when she’s not studying, you can find her playing lots of intramural sports! She loves spending time with her family and we know she’s excited to add another little cousin to play with. We’re happy to have her on our team for Baby J!

Hannah and Cayley – sisters and our 24.2 duo. They are daughters to Chris and Ashley Jordan, big sisters to Jacob, granddaughters to Marathoner Susan Jordan, and the sweetest nieces anyone can ask for. These girls are so excited about having a new cousin and have been wanting to get involved in our adoption for so long, so this was the perfect opportunity (I know – is your heart melting because mine certainly is). Hannah just turned 12 and is very into competitive cheer and softball – she’s quite the little athlete. She looks like her daddy but acts like her mom, and is a nurturer with the sweetest heart. Cayley Rose is 10 years old and we’re pretty sure is going to be a zookeeper or work with animals in some way when she grows up. She shares her Uncle Jonathan’s love for panda bears (she even dressed up like one for Halloween this year). She loves to draw and is a great little artist. She looks like her mom but definitely acts like her dad. She is always saying something funny (most of the time without meaning to) and doesn’t let a week go by without asking her mama when her little cousin gets to come home (now I’m a puddle on the floor). We were touched and thrilled when they decided to join and share the load of 26.2, which they’ve done and surpassed! Seriously, how could you not pledge for these two?

So there you have it! Don’t forget when you pledge you are automatically put into a raffle with some great prizes to be announced after the marathon on the 8th-just in time for Christmas!

Pledge now-time is running out,

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