The Phone Call

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january 6th, 2014. my heart was heavy as christmas had come and gone, and my hope that Baby J would be home with us by christmas was obviously a thing of the past. i was on my way to my happy place, Whole Foods, to do our weekly grocery shopping. i had come to terms with the fact that we would be waiting awhile, nothing would be happening anytime soon. walking through the crowded store at 5:30 p.m. while getting some ground turkey, my phone rings.

i look down at the strange number, and know where this call is coming from. i’m pretty sure my heart stopped, the store went silent, and i just stared at my phone for what felt like 10 minutes, completely frozen. answer it!!!!! went through my mind, so i quickly pushed my cart away from the counter into a quieter corner and answered. the sweet, familiar voice i knew so well said on the other line, “christa, i have a baby i want to talk to you about.” my heart skipped a beat, then soared.

as the director of our agency in japan began describing this baby, telling the history and details that the biological mother had given, i realized i knew this baby. we met this baby on our first trip over in september. we held this baby in our arms, at just a little over a week old. i wanted to cry, jump up and down all at the same time, and wait, was i still breathing?

as we continued to talk, i knew our answer as to whether or not we wanted to accept the match was a no brainer: YES. but i “played it cool” and told her i would talk to jonathan and we would pray about it together, and let her know for sure in a couple of days. we hung up, and hands shaking i called my husband. 20 times. of course, this is the moment he doesn’t answer his phone! as i wander around aimlessly pushing redial over and over and muttering to myself and sending him frantic texts, he finally answered. “Sarah called…she wants us to take…(i said the birth name here, but we are not sharing it publicly). my husband’s response, “well we’re gonna do it right????” me: HECK YEAH! both of us excited but a little panicked, got off the phone and i tried to finish my shopping, heading back to the meat counter where the poor guy said, “are you ok?” as i laughed and danced up and down the aisles to check out.

i got home and into the house as fast as i could, to find my husband and hug and cry. though when i walked in he had been washing dishes to keep himself busy, he had already researched flights as well. we were excited and in shock. we did pray for confirmation, and two days later called to say that we would indeed like to adopt this baby…

boy. yep! it’s a boy, friends! the cutest, sweetest, baby in the entire world. i took one look at this baby boy when i held him for the first time, looked into those dark, confused little eyes, and was hooked. i loved that little boy from day one. he continually stole my heart while we were there, never left my mind since, and though we both said we would take him in a heartbeat if they ever offered, we didn’t think it was likely. we knew there were many people ahead of us, and he was healthy and young, so we just never imagined he would be ours. but God saw fit to bless us with this sweet boy. He chose us to be his mommy and daddy. and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

i know you are thinking, man, you got the call january 6th and you’re just now going over there? and you didn’t tell anyone?? well, our immediate families and some close friends have known and were sworn to secrecy, and yes, the expectation that we would get a call and pretty much leave immediately did not go as planned. but that’s for another blog. 

2 thoughts on “The Phone Call

  1. Amazing! Congrats to both of you, and enjoy this incredible time in your lives!!

  2. Thanks, Ryan! We are so grateful for the support and so glad to have our little guy home!

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