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My wardrobe is pretty sad. It probably looks like the typical mom closet. 3-4 things I consider “cute” and the rest are just…well…not.

My son’s wardrobe on the other hand is the complete opposite. Whoever said dressing a boy was not fun lied. It’s pretty simple-he is very picky when it comes to clothes because of sensory processing issues, but that has also led me to some hard working mamas who find the best materials, the cutest prints and give me great quality for things like handmade leggings and the softest shirts.

Whether you are buying handmade or not, kids are messy and you want to save their clothes no matter if you spent $30 or $5. Kai can be in clothes for less than 5 seconds and he’s already dumped his smoothie on it or sat in blueberries. I’m not going to change his clothes every 5 seconds and I’m certainly not going to let a stain ruin something I spent money on either.

So, I give you my secret weapon, the best ever stain remover.


And BONUS, it’s completely non-toxic. when we first got married and I realized how much we were spending on cleaning products, I started to make my own in an effort to save money. Which then lead to me realizing in my research the incredible amount of harm we were doing to our long term health by buying said cleaning products, so never again. And this was pre-essential oil use. If you want to know what’s in your cleaning products and all those warning labels (hello bleach), go to EWG’s website here and you can search any product, their rating,  and why it gets that rating with an explanation of the ingredients.

Then I found lemon essential oil. Hallelujah. This bottle is a natural master at getting off sticky goo, brightening whites, enhancing deep cleaning, and my personal favorite-getting out stains. this stain remover has only 4 ingredients.

Water, Dr. Bronner’s unscented castille soap (my husband’s favorite natural cleaning tool), vegetable glycerin (a natural softener), and lemon oil. You can find Dr. Bronner’s at Target, vegetable glycerin at any natural food store. I only use Young Living essential oils because of their Seed to Seal commitment, so if you are using another brand I can’t guarantee you’ll have the same results. In fact, if you get it from some place like Whole Foods, I can almost guarantee it might ruin your clothes because it is full of synthetics.

Here’s the recipe:

3/4 cup of water

1/4 cup of Dr. Bronner’s unscented castille soap

1/4 cup of vegetable glycerin

15 drops of lemon oil


Pour in the water, castille soap, and vegetable glycerin.


Next, add your lemon essential oil, then give it a quick stir. It will get foamy like this.

IMG_6683 IMG_6685

Then pour it into a glass or amber spray bottle. This is important because plastic is full of petrochemicals, and citrus oils like lemon break down petrochemicals, so avoid plastic when using citrus oils. You can get an amber spray bottle from most health food stores or from my favorite online shop for oily accessories. BONUS-it’s reusable and better for the environment.


Pour the mixture into your spray bottle, place the top on and give it a little shake. Done!

Now for the test. See these adorable Harry Potter pants? My son crawled all over some super dirty carpet, enter the black stains of death. Now, it’s always best to treat stains ASAP, but we weren’t in a place to do that, so they stayed like that a whole day.

Before washing, spray the area you want to treat well. Depends on the stain how much I might spray on. It’s best to start small or even test it first if you like. Let it sit for about 30 minutes. Come back, give it another quick spray, then throw it in the wash. I also used to use lemon oil in my homemade laundry detergent, but then Young Living heard my cries of making laundry detergent, so they came out with my favorite ever.

after you take it out of the washer, be amazed!


Depending on the stain, I have had to treat twice, but not usually. I did with this one because I let that stain sit not one, not two, but three days, people. I’m telling you guys, this stain remover has gotten out so much stuff it’s ridiculous. Kai was eating raspberries out of the carton in CostCo once, squished one while wearing white and black leggings. A pink, squishy raspberry. Stain gone after 1 treatment. Chocolate from a white shirt, gone. Jonathan got some sort of mess I don’t even know all over one of his brand new running shirts. I didn’t even touch it for several weeks before treating it, gone. Best stain remover ever.

Some other quick laundry tips using lemon:

Add a drop of lemon to your thieves laundry to detergent before you pour it in, it naturally brightens.

If your stain is being stubborn, on top of the best stain remover ever, pour a little bit of that thieves laundry detergent over it and scrub, let sit, then wash. That’s what I had to do to whatever the heck got all over my husband’s running shirt.

Happy laundry day!


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