Two Years of Us

Today marks two years since we stood before a judge, sweet baby boy on my hip, and were declared legally, irrevocably, his parents. What we already knew to be true in our hearts and home was declared publicly in front of a court-judge, lawyer, witnesses, family and friends, he was ours. This son of ours who shares none of our DNA will carry on our family line, the Jordan name, for years to come. As I let the magnitude of that sink in, I think of all the beauty that comes along with it.

Last night as I was preparing for the week, I was catching up on my study of Ruth and reading a devotional from the She Reads Truth app called “Behind the Tapestry.” I couldn’t help but think of our boy and the way we’ve chosen to grow our family through adoption and what that means for us.

When you look at a tapestry from behind, it doesn’t make any sense. It looks mangled and chaotic, knots and squiggly lines that don’t make symmetrical shapes are everywhere. You just can’t make out the image. For those who look at our family from the outside, it doesn’t make sense. Choosing adoption when we could have a biological child doesn’t make sense to many people. And let me just tell you during the waiting process of our family coming together, nothing made sense. We just knew we were supposed to do this and kept walking through doors that the Lord opened, but trust me, most of them did not make any sense, and looked downright dangerous at times. 

Yet, when we got that phone call, when we packed our bags and got on a plane to travel half a world away, when we walked in to see our sleeping boy, oh the joy! It all made sense.  We could look back and see what God was so intricately weaving with all the tiny details we didn’t have a clue about at the time. We could look back and see His hand not just upon us but on our boy, on his first family, on the people who loved on him and took care of him until we could get there. We could look back on our own stories of this process of sanctification and see how we were lead there, at just the right time, in just the right way.

When you are able to come out from behind the tapestry, you can see the bigger picture, and it is exquisite. You can see why the mangled mess makes sense, and at that point you don’t even care because it just looks so breathtaking and you are taken aback by the incredible work that was done to finish this.

Friends who are waiting, your mangled mess will make sense one day. Maybe not now, maybe not even this side of eternity, but it will because of the Hand who is weaving it together. He sees, He knows, He hears, He does indeed have a plan for your good and for His glory.

It has been two beautiful years full of late nights, laughter, crying, wondering, discovering,  lots and lots of praying, rejoicing, playing, snuggling, attaching, working, and continued weaving. Our prayer is always thank you for what You have done and continue to do in and through our family.

Our family tapestry is not complete, and we are eager to see how the Lord will continue adding to it. So I leave with you two years of some of my favorite pictures so you can peek out from behind our tapestry and look into what He has done.


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