Why We Love Ningxia Red

When I got my starter kit a little over 4 years ago, there were these two packets in there that were not oils. 2 red little pouches with some kind of liquid I didn’t know, with a name I couldn’t pronounce. Since I didn’t know what to do with it and thought it was weird, I put it in the pantry and just walked away. I kept seeing people in facebook groups as I was learning about the oily life mention this “Ningxia Red”. When I first read what was on the packet, I thought it was some kind of diet drink. If you know anything about me, I do not remotely believe in that kind of stuff. So again, back on the shelf it went.

I don’t know how long it took for me to finally understand it. Long enough that I had to throw those packets away, which I now cringe to think about. Once I did understand that it was not a diet drink, it was a multi-faceted supplement, chalk full of all kinds of goodness, is when I bought it and fell in love.

First things first, let’s talk about that name. Ningxia (neeng-sha). Why is it called that? What’s in this magical supplement you speak of? What does it do? What’s in it? Well let’s dive in.

Why It’s Called Ningxia Red

It is called Ningxia Red because it is made from wolfberries, a plant that is grown in China, specifically the Ningxia province, where Young Living gets its wolfberries from.

What’s In It

The main ingredient of Ningxia Red is the wolfberry, and the whole berry is used-skin, stem, all of it. It is pureed and made into a juice along with açaí, blueberry, pomegranate, plum, aronia, and cherry juices. It is infused with Orange, Lemon, Tangerine, and Yuzu essential oils. As you can see, this is a super fruit power house. What makes it different from the juice on the shelf? It’s essential oil infused. Why is that important? Because essential oils help the body absorb more. It helps the nutrients in this supplement stay in the body longer, and digest better.

What It Does

This is where we are going to spend most of our time, because I’ve got to break this down for you. Time for me to get a little nerdy. In order to understand what it does, you’ve got to understand what antioxidants are and what they do.

The word antioxidant became one of those health industry buzz words a few years ago. You were seeing it in commercials, it was mentioned in magazines, everyone was talking about the need for antioxidants, and the food companies were going crazy with that label. They knew if they could put antioxidant on the label, even if the ingredients were total garbage, they could fool people and people would buy it. So what are antioxidants? Why are they important?

Oxidation happens when our bodies process the air we breathe, and our cells produce energy from it. Free radicals happen when what we oxidize interacts with the molecules in our cells and results in damage. When the amount of free radicals produced is more than the repair, then you’ve got oxidative stress. Signs of oxidative stress include fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, infections, headaches, and a decrease in eye sight to name a few.

So antioxidants are things that work against oxidative stress. Your intake of antioxidants has to be more than the free radicals, otherwise you are going to see some of those signs mentioned above. In all my research, I have never seen anything against antioxidants. Most things, even healthy things, you can still get too much of. But I’ve never seen any research that says you can go too far on antioxidants. You always want a surplus to stay healthy. That’s where Ningxia Red comes in.

I am a firm believer in you can get most of the nutrients your body needs through a good, healthy diet. But you also want diversity and to get things from multiple sources. Even if you ate perfectly, there’s no way you could consume and absorb enough from food. You have to supplement. You obviously can and should get antioxidants through food-greens, carrots, tomatoes, raspberries, blueberries, pomegranates, cherries, raw nuts just to name a few. You also get them through Vitamins B, C, D, amino acids, and magnesium.

This is why we love Ningxia Red, because it has an insane amount of antioxidants, all those vitamins I mentioned, and 18 amino acids. It’s all plants, has a good amount of plant protein, and you only need 1-4 oz a day.  There is something called the ORAC scale that measures antioxidants. To give you some perspective, blueberries are about 2,500 on the ORAC scale. Ningxia Red? 25,000. 25,000. That’s not a typo. Wolfberries are the highest antioxidant food in the world. Add that with the other fruit juices, the essential oils, and you have got a powerhouse supplement.

What It Supports

So now that you know what it does, the amount of antioxidants it provides, it is our favorite supplement because it supports literally every body system. I am convinced that because of our daily dose of Ningxia Red, this is what kept our family well during the dreaded “sick season”. We did a variety of things to support our body, but I believe our secret weapon was this supplement, because those antioxidants fought against all those free radicals, all the things that cause oxidative stress during that stressful season. Our antioxidant intake far exceeded the amount of free radicals. Whether you are needing targeted immune support, endocrine system balance, joint/muscle support, digestive support, even eye health, this one supplement does it all. Our son asks for his “ninja juice” first thing every morning, and I love what it provides him. To see more of what body systems it supports and how you can add it to your daily wellness regimen, download the Potionly app. You’ll find this supplement and many more natural health methods and recipes.

There are so many things you can do with Ningxia Red too, but that’s another post for another day. Seriously, if you only take one supplement, it needs to be this one.

Ready to give it a go? Grab your Ningxia Red kit here.

1 bottle is a 30 day supply for 1 person drinking 1-2 oz per day, so a 2 pack is a 2 month supply. For our child, we give 1/2 oz. The kit is a great deal including your lifetime membership, 24% wholesale discount, and a solid supply with 2 bottles, 30 ready to go single serving packets, a 5ml Stress Away essential oil, and samples of other products. I’d love to have you as part of our community, where we believe no one should walk this journey alone. You’ll receive plenty of resources, coaching, and so many new friends! Contact me at purepotionsyl@gmail.com if you have any questions. 



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