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Hey, friends! Welcome to the new and improved Spoonful of Jordan Blog. If you’re new here, this space used to look different. If you’ve been following our family for awhile now, things in this space have changed for the better, and there’s more to come. I’m considering this day a relaunch for the blog. Over the past several months I’ve gotten glimpses of what this could be, dreamed big, and really felt the push to just go for what I love doing. Today, I really just want to lay out for you why I’m doing this, the vision and goals I have for this corner of the blogosphere and social media, and what’s to come.

Why Relaunch?

Spoonful of Jordan has undergone many changes over the years. Many of you may not know this, but Jonathan and I actually shared this blog and started it when we were first married, long before we brought Kai home. We both love to write and originally just wanted a place to process and share our lives with those who wanted to keep up with us. Then in 2013, we announced we started the adoption process. As we shared (and continue to share) that journey, things got bigger as we had many people following our journey to bring Kai home. Last year, Jonathan suggested that I simply take ownership of SOJ since I was the one primarily writing on it, and he wanted to spend time on his own writing projects.

Over the past few months as I shared more here and on social media, I kept feeling this push to do more, that this could be something bigger if I let it to be. Each time I put myself out there, I would get messages thanking me for sharing, and getting to hear from people I know and people I’ve never met how they could relate or how a certain story spoke to them or put things into perspective. I’m always taken aback and humbled when I get those, that a mere share of my heart on social media could make an impact, that people even want to read about an ordinary family, but it encouraged me each time to keep putting myself out there a little more.

So, I started thinking bigger. Allowing myself to really envision what this space could be, the impact it could have, what it could do for our family and others, and realized these past 2 years of stumbling about wondering how I can manage all of my passions and gifts in a better way, it’s with this blog. Everything has seemed so segmented for me. I have my adoption and foster care world, my motherhood world, my natural health world, my homeschooling world, but nothing was cohesive. And it just didn’t sit well with me because that’s not how I do things. I have countless times asked the Lord what am I supposed to do with these gifts you’ve given me? Because what I’m doing now doesn’t make sense. This blog is a way for all of those things to intertwine, because that’s exactly how it is in my own life every day.


Social media isn’t for the faint of heart. The biggest thing that’s held me back is knowing that putting myself out there also means opening myself up to the fact that not everyone is going to like what I put out there, and in this day and age 95% of the time…they’ll let you know. It doesn’t take scrolling long on facebook to find that out.


I have also seen social media be used in some really amazing ways. Our adoption, for instance. We used social media to get our story out there as we were fundraising to bring Kai home. I got connected to and made friends with people I otherwise would have never met. We reconnected with people we hadn’t seen or spoken to in years. We were surrounded by a community cheering us on, and the reach was so much further because social media isn’t limited to one location. Stories have impact, and you never know who it’s going to reach at just the right time. When I look at the ways Stand for Life has used stories on social media, they have literally changed generations. For all the negative out there, there’s also a ton of positive, and that’s how I want to contribute.

My vision for this is to be a safe place for people to come to, where there’s no mom shaming going on, you don’t leave feeling empty or like you are doing everything wrong. You come here and because I’m being vulnerable, someone else can say “yes! I’m not the only one!” and walk away encouraged. I want this to be a place of community. Yes community can happen on the internet! I love linking arms with other hard working women, collaborating and using our unique gifts together to bring good.  I want conversations to go deeper, that what you find here is helpful and brings value, and if you need more help I will point you in the right direction. So, 2 exciting things to come that are going to help achieve that vision:

Beginning in August, I’ll have one guest a month come on here and share their own story and perspective with you, and next week I’ll be launching an email list to give out more resources and go deeper about what I talk about here. 


Though I will be giving a ton of content out for free, I also want this to become an income for my family. And that is not wrong. As I’ve done the research the past several months, I love to blog and share with you guys, but this takes work. This takes time and strategy, time away from my family. I love doing it, but no one would expect you to go into an office every day and work 6 of your 8 hours for free. You’d leave in a heartbeat. Writing these blogs, planning out social media posts, creating content that has value, I do all of it with intention. It’s never on a whim and it is work. This is not a hobby. There are things that I’m not good at like photography and graphics that I need to outsource and want to collaborate with women who will help me stay consistent with my brand. And if I want to continue to give out resources and recommend things for free, I am going to have to get paid to keep churning those things out. P.S. the beautiful images you’ll be seeing on here over the next few months are from my sweet friend Charity. Go give her a follow because her work is awesome. 

There are brands that I really love and really believe in, and one of my goals is to have partnerships with paid ads and sponsorships from some of those brands. I’ve already got a dream list, and already decided I’m not just going to take whatever comes at me or reach out to just anyone willing to work with me. I only share about things I know are quality and truly helpful, so I’m not going to put something out there I can’t stand behind.

Most of you know my love for natural health, and that I have my own small business with Young Living, a brand I 100% stand behind.  I love helping people with physical and emotional wellness, and this is another way for me to reach and help people I wouldn’t have otherwise met. It’s a part of our everyday life, so it would be silly for me not to share. Again, the time I spend answering message after message of “what would you use for this?” or “is there a natural product for that?” is work, and I should get paid for my time. And to be honest? It hasn’t grown as fast because I haven’t valued my own time. If I don’t value it myself, why would I expect anyone else to? So, mindset shift. My office is simply in my home, and my work hours are before Kai is awake and waaaay after Kai goes to sleep. Sleep is my biggest sacrifice.

I very openly shared about month ago we are now on a serious debt-free journey. We want to adopt again. And if we want to bring more children into this family, we have to pay off debt and have more income. Jonathan only has so many hours in the day, and is working so much we already have limited time with him as it is. The financial strain has put a major strain on our time together as a family, and we’re tired of it. This affords us the opportunity to have more income while still making my number one priority managing our home and being the primary caregiver for our son. I’ve got no shame in this.

So, there you go friends, Spoonful of Jordan 2.0 has been released! Be on the lookout next week to join my email list. Until then, mug of coffee in my hand, seat saved for you, I’ll be back and ready to share new things.

For His Glory,


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  1. Your next steps sound exciting, good luck on your journey. It’s always inspiring to hear other people’s stories, so it sounds like you will be providing a great resource for that!

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