National Adoption Month

November is a full month in the Jordan house, probably our busiest month of the whole year. We celebrate Dinovember, cross off the last of our fall bucket list items, spend lots of time with family over Thanksgiving, prepare for Christmas, but most importantly, it’s National Adoption Month, which means we spend the month advocating and educating on adoption and foster care!

History of National Adoption Month

Some of you know this happens every year, some of you may be new here, so no, I did not make this up. I was interested myself of how this even got started, so I wanted to provide you with a little context and history of how this grew into a nationally recognized and celebrated month-long educational campaign.

1976: Michael Dukakis, Massachussets Governor announced an adoption week in November to promote awareness for the waiting children in foster care needing to be adopted across the state.

1984: On November 13, 1984, President Ronald Raegan proclaimed a National Adoption Week to honor foster and adoptive families, and called on governmental and private agencies to participate and provide foster and adoption education to the public to promote awareness of waiting children in need of families, and promote alternative solutions to abortion for women with unplanned pregnancies looking for options.

1995: In 1995, President Clinton took that one step further proclaiming all of November National Adoption Month to provide further awareness and education surrounding adoption and foster care.

1996: President Clinton called on the Department of Health and Human Services to create a program utilizing the internet to find homes for waiting children in foster care who were legally free to be adopted in hopes to reduce the amount of time they spend in foster care, and provide them permanency sooner.

2000: On November 18th, 2000, The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, along with the Freddie Mac Foundation and Alliance for Children’s Rights encouraged seven cities to open the doors to the courtrooms the Saturday before Thanksgiving to finalize and celebrate adoptions from foster care. Now, there are more than 400 events in all 50 states, and National Adoption Day is celebrated every year. This year’s National Adoption Day is November 17th, 2018. 

2008: President George W. Bush provided an explanation of National Adoption Month in Spanish.

What You Can Expect

This is not a time to convince you, and certainly not to guilt you into adoption or foster care. Those are terrible motivations. Instead, this is a month of awareness and education, which is exactly what you will find here on Spoonful of Jordan. The hope is simply this: I want to educate you, and my hope is that through this education, you are moved to action, be it donating your time, financial resources, or using your gifts through volunteering, becoming a certified babysitter or respite care provider, sponsoring a child through an ethical organization, or yes, maybe even adoption itself. The point here is, it is my job as an adoptive parent and advocate, to educate you. What you do with that education though, is up to you.

I have some amazing friends who will be sharing their stories on here this month, I’ll be launching my first pre-adoptive parent workbook, sharing my top resource recommendations, and much more. Be sure to follow along here, on facebook and instagram, and to make sure you don’t miss a post or other exclusive content, make sure to join my email list.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, cozy up in your favorite chair, and let’s have some good conversations this month. Will you join me?





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