Things I’m Loving Lately: January Edition

Since I’ve been taking a hiatus from social media and getting back to blogging, I have found so much more joy and inspiration. One thing I miss though is sharing things that I love! I would often pop on instastories and share a favorite recipe, diffuser blend, books, really anything that was helpful or my family was enjoying. I liked seeing these things from others too, but as the social media space grew more and more toxic, the simple joys grew less and less. Drawing inspiration from one of my favorite mamas committed to sharing joy, a favorite homeschooling blog, and Jon Acuff’s weekly email of 5 Things To Shout About that always makes me laugh, I decided I’ll share a few things I’m loving lately. I hope to make this a monthly thing, but let’s just see where 2021 takes us 🙂

5 Things I’m Loving Lately

  1. Opalite Gemstone Face Roller: This was on my Christmas list, and hubby did a good job snagging this for a stocking stuffer. It’s become one of my favorite gifts I’ve received! I always wanted to try facial rolling because I heard good things, but wasn’t sure if it actually worked. I’m here to tell you mamas, if you need to de-puff from all that lost sleep, this is your new BFF. Not only that, but look at all the things facial rolling is good for! It’s honestly been so relaxing to me and become my favorite part of my skin care routine. Quality is key, and I’m glad I didn’t just get a random one from amazon. Whimsy & Wellness is supporting small, but they are also experts when it comes to beautiful, quality stones and their benefits.
  2. Bad Guy Book Series: If you’re new here, we are a homeschooling family, and reading aloud is part of our daily rhythm. My son loves to be read aloud to, as he is a kinesthetic & auditory learner, so he listens best when he is doing something. We’ve read The Chronicles of Narnia series twice, and are on our second round of Harry Potter. He loves stories, he loves books, but actually getting him to read aloud has been more of a struggle. I’m kind of a book snob, and I honestly want my child reading good quality books. However, the biggest goal right now is to just get him to read and enjoy it. These are not my favorite, and not quality books. They are silly, there’s no meat to them, the writing is meh. But…he finds them hilarious. They are easy, comic book style, so for a 7-year-old boy that’s gold. Right now, he is looking forward to reading aloud, is engaged with the story, and is reading a chapter at a time of his own accord. I’ll take it!
  3. She Reads Truth Study Subscription Box: I’ve loved She Reads Truth ever since we brought our son home. I’ve always used the app because duh, easy access. In December, I decided to take a hiatus from social media, and overall felt convicted to simply be less reliant on my phone. As my boy gets older, I’m realizing how much I’m modeling for him in this smart-phone driven world, and I want him to see that that thing doesn’t need to be attached to me or have my attention 95% of the time. Originally, I just wanted to get their in print Advent study, but by the time I went to order it, it was sold out. The only way you could get it was through the subscription box. Maybe it’s because I’m partial to physical copies of books, love journaling and documenting, but I don’t know that I’ll ever go back to the app! The books themselves are beautiful…I love seeing the art, design, and great care they take into creating these study books. There’s extra resources, ways to stay accountable with study goals, and layouts to document what you are learning and what is going on in your life as you are going through it. Right now it is the Faith In Practice study, next month is Esther. I just got the Esther study and literally gasped when I pulled it out of the box it is so beautiful. Put your phone down, pick up your physical Bible and a study guide to write in. You won’t regret it.
  4. Breath: A 30 Day Yoga Journey by Yoga With Adriene: The past couple of years I have kicked off my year with Adriene’s 30 Day Yoga series. Each year is a different theme, and it’s always a good way to get back into the rhythm of movement with intention. Last year, I went well past the 30 day mark, and was the most consistent I’ve ever been with a daily yoga practice. This year’s series has been incredible, not just physically, but it’s like a mental reset. Who doesn’t need that after 2020? Getting on my mat every evening has been a great release.
  5. Blogging Again: Seriously, it feels so great to be off of social media and back to doing what I really love, writing. I started this blog as a release, using it like an online journal almost. I didn’t care about followers or any of the other millions of things that add pressure, it was just fun. It seems totally counterintuitive to go back to that place when all the “rules” say social media is a must with any business. As a writer, yeah, I don’t know what’s going to happen. But I do know that whether 5 people or 5,000 people ever read my words, I like what I’m doing. And if you’re here, I hope you always leave with your cup more filled than when you came. Back in the day before social media was such a thing, I would cozy up with my cup of coffee and read some of my favorite blogs. They would pop into my inbox and it was like visiting with a friend. I’m seeing more and more go back to the basics of that, and months ago when I made this decision, it didn’t make sense. I simply knew it was the right thing to do. As more and more people are getting their accounts taken down for no reason and after watching The Social Dilemma, I knew my gut feeling was right. It’s felt freeing to not get caught up in nonsense and simply do what I love.

So there you have it friends. These are the things I’m loving lately, and I hope you’ll love them too. Tell me, what are you loving lately, and how is it bringing you joy?

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