Things I’m Loving Lately: February Edition

Since I’m not on social media, I decided last month to share things I’m loving on a monthly basis. Anything from food and recipes, books, oils, whatever has been making my life as a stay-at-home, homeschooling mama and writer and easier! So without further ado, here are the things I’m loving lately.

  1. Homemade Breakfast Tacos (gluten & dairy free of course). If you are a Texan, breakfast tacos are like their own food group (along with chips and salsa). One of my favorite things on Saturdays when I take our son to gym practice is go to my favorite local coffee shop down the street, and grab 2 breakfast tacos with my coffee. They’re just the perfect breakfast! You’re getting a carb, protein, veggies, and it’s quick, easy, no mess, but delicious. One day I thought, “Why do I not make these at home?” The answer was because my boy is not a fan of eggs, but who says I can’t make them for me? Here’s the deal: I’ve never been much of a breakfast eater. I need to be up for a little bit and awake (aka had my first cup of the day) before I realize hunger sets in. I also know that as a mama, hangry is real-not just for my son but for me. I am more regulated and things just go smoother when I stop to have breakfast. But as a busy mama, I need something quick and easy. So once a week, I’ve started making a batch of breakfast tacos, wrapping them individually in foil, freezing them, then popping them in the oven each morning. They are perfection. We are gluten and dairy free in our home, so use what you will, but my suggestion is: Siete Cassava Flour Tortillas and Daiya shredded cheese, then fill them with what you will. I usually do scrambled eggs, bacon (or last week I used leftover taco meat), and a combo of bell peppers. Here’s my tip with the cassava tortillas: Heat them in a dry skillet first. This makes them pliable, then you can fill/roll easily without them falling apart! Pop a frozen one in a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes, unwrap it, top it with salsa, and eat while you are doing the mom things. When you’re done, no clean up! Just throw the empty foil away. It’s been the best.
  2. She Reads Truth Podcast: Last month I shared how much I am loving the She Reads Truth subscription study box, but this month I’ve got to tell ya I’m loving the weekly podcast! I started listening at the beginning of this month as the first 2 weeks the study was the book of Esther. It was a great way to dive a little deeper, get a bit more understanding of some of the passages or context of what was culturally going on at the time, hear some connections from others I may not have thought about, and I like that it drops at the beginning of each week. Just a once a week podcast is something I can keep up with, while I’m folding laundry or doing chores throughout the day.
  3. The Connected Child: If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know that I love and absolutely believe this book should be required reading for foster and adoptive families. I’ve read it countless times and been through 2 intensive trainings with it, but still, it’s such a good reminder when I start to fall off connected parenting. I re-read it at the beginning of the month, and realized there were some things that I had forgotten and needed to get back to or incorporate in a different way as my son gets older. It’s just good to continue to have fresh on your mind, and I needed that refresher!
  4. Giving Myself Grace To Slow Down: 2020 was so crazy I didn’t do much writing (which was honestly needed), but it also caused me to really think about the direction I was going, and I didn’t like it. I am a 2w1 on the enneagram, which means I am prone to help and put everyone else’s projects first, and also feel like I should be doing something important or significant at all times. Last year I realized, I had lost my way a little bit. I was saying yes to helping lots of other people with their content, but wasn’t writing what I really wanted to write. I was also growing increasingly dissatisfied with the direction of social media, and did not like how it was sucking my time, creating unnecessary demands on me, and effecting my mental health in a way I felt I wasn’t showing up the way I should be in the most important parts of my life (at home and in my in person relationships). So I stepped back, I said no, I will not continue in this way or be a part of it. It was a big risk, but also incredibly freeing, and I hit the ground running in 2021 churning out blogs with a newfound sense of direction and release of pressure. I knew I likely couldn’t sustain writing like that every week, and that actually didn’t take long. February was a mess. Literally I look at my calendar this month and laugh-hardly any of it got done between the first weekend being incredibly busy with a gymnastics meet my son’s gym hosted, to snowmageddon here in Texas (which we are still recovering from), things just didn’t happen the way I had hoped. But you know what? That’s ok! Look at that, growth! Instead of feeling beat down or defeated by that, I can chalk it up to life happens. So long as right priorities are in place, then that’s really what I’m meant to be doing.
  5. Running my diffuser at night. If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with essential oils and have been for the past nearly 8 years. Surprisingly though, even though I have a diffuser for every room of the house and they run all day, and Kai’s must run at night, sleep wasn’t a struggle for me so I really never ran the diffuser in our bedroom at night time. Until a few months ago, I realized I wasn’t getting deep sleep and even struggling with nightmares. So I started diffusing at night for me, and now it’s a must. Kai’s favorite diffuser for years finally went kaput, and while we were waiting for his new one to get here I moved mine into his room. I realized that week when I slept horribly, how much I missed my diffuser and the support those oils were giving me to get a good night’s rest! His new one came in, I got mine back, and now all is right in our home 😉

That’s a wrap on things I’m loving lately for February. What are some things you’ve been loving lately?

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