cropped-christa-80.jpgWe are the Jordan family, grafted together through adoption. Jonathan and I have been married 9 years, and our sweet boy has been home with us for 5 years.

It wasn’t our plan, but we tend to do things unconventionally. We have chosen to grow our family through adoption. After years working in social work and still continuing to serve in foster care, our mutual passion for serving and seeking justice for the fatherless drew us together. In 2013, we started the very unconventional process to adopt from Japan. You’ll see snippets of our story here, but the only way we can explain our process from start to finish, is God. He is the author of our stories, the builder of our family.

This all started as a way for my introverted self to process through the changing tide and never ending waves of emotions that being a mom brings, being an adoptive mom brings, and if it helps people along the way to let you in on pieces of our joy and struggle, then that’s a way I want to be used.

This is a place where my love and advocacy for adoption and natural health meet. We take a holistic approach whether it’s our parenting or our health, and believe those two things go hand and hand. Some of our natural health methods like diet changes (going gluten and dairy free), and using essential oils, toxin free products, and supplements to support not just our physical but emotional health are big tools in our toolbox. We don’t believe those things erase the effects of trauma, but we have seen first hand how they certainly help to alleviate behaviors and dive deeper into the root issues. I love to come alongside and help people who want to embark on that same journey, which is why I started a business with Young Living.

Here, you’ll find me talking about our family, motherhood, adoption, sharing our homeschooling journey, ways we incorporate sensory integration in our home for our son, our current debt free journey, and whatever else is on my heart. The internet can be full of negativity, but I won’t allow it to invade this space. You may come here weary, but I hope you leave encouraged and refreshed. I might challenge you because we don’t shy away from hard topics here, but keep coming back. We’ll work it out together.

Grab a cup of coffee, pretend we are sitting across from each other on the couch, and I hope you enjoy the spoonfuls of topics and things offered here.

Want to go deeper and have a weekly coffee date with me? Be sure and sign up for my email list on the homepage. I’m always sharing our lives on instagram and facebook, so come hang with me there. Want to collaborate? Email me at: christa@spoonfulofjordan.com.

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