Q: Who is this workbook for?

A: Lots of people! For example:

  • Couples or singles considering adoption or foster care, but aren’t sure where or how to start.
  • Couples or singles who have started the adoption or foster care process.
  • Couples or singles who have already adopted or fostered but still need to work through new issues they are facing.
  • Couples or singles considering adoption or fostering again.
  • Church ministries or other nonprofits who serve foster and adoptive families.
  • Agencies who would like to help better prepare families for this journey.

Q: I’ve already decided to adopt, so why would I need to go through this book?

A: If you’ve already decided to adopt, you’re exactly the person I wrote this book for! After all, it is called Before You Adopt, NOT Before You Decide To Adopt.

Q: What is the point of me doing homework before I have a child in my home?

A: When going through the workbook, you will likely uncover many things about yourself that you haven’t thought of or worked through yet. Now is the time for you and your significant other to work through those issues, not after your child comes home.

Q: Will the workbook tell me what agency to choose?

A: There is an entire section of the workbook to guide you in what questions to ask agencies as you search for the right one for your family. Even if you think you know what agency you will choose, these questions will help you be sure! After all, you can always make changes if an agency can’t answer your questions.

Q: Is this workbook applicable for people outside of the U.S.?

A: Yes! Though there are some general things in the process that may differ based on the laws where you live, the workbook is focused on working through your own heart and mindset. If you do live outside of the U.S. it is cheaper for you to purchase this workbook on Amazon. 

Q: What if I’ve already decided the route of adoption I want to pursue? Is there enough in the workbook that would apply to me? 

A: Yes! This workbook is not just about deciding which type of adoption or foster care may be right for your family at this time. It’s about planning ahead for the difficulties you will face no matter what route you’ve chosen. Also, your circumstances could change. For example, you may be on track for an international adoption, but a law change in one country forces you to switch gears. Would you know what your next step would be?

I also find that many people decide on a type of adoption or a particular agency simply because most of their friends or church community have chosen that route/agency. I believe that this is a dangerous way to decide such a major life decision that affects not just you, but the life of the child you bring into your home. Working through the whole workbook, you may come to realize that a different direction is right for your family. Or maybe it will help you confirm that you were moving in the right direction. Either way, you can have peace and confidence that you’ve done the work and that you’re more prepared than before. In my experience, there’s no such thing as too much preparation. 

Q: I’m married, is it really necessary that both my spouse and I have a workbook? 

A: Yes! The workbook is designed for each spouse to have a copy and go through each section individually, then come together and discuss their answers, section by section. This will help prevent the mentality of “We’ll just go with whatever you think,” and ensure that the responsibility and work of such a huge decision isn’t just falling on one person. It is absolutely imperative that you and your spouse be 100% on the same page, and part of my vision for creating this was to have a resource for spouses to go through together for preparation and for mutual support. 

Q: I lead or am a part of a ministry/nonprofit. Would this workbook be helpful to give out or possibly go through in a group setting? 

A: Yes! My husband and I have been ministry leaders for a long time, and for years searched for something like this and couldn’t find it. Part of my hope and vision for this is that ministries would utilize the book to better serve their members. This would be great to gift at the end of an informational meeting or for those who are looking for guidance.

There are so many ways you can utilize this workbook to help foster community and provide further guidance in a group setting, and I’d love to talk to you more about that! Please email me for more information, and be sure and check out the bulk buy option. 

Q: I work for an accredited foster care/adoption agency. Could we utilize this workbook for hopeful adoptive parents? 

A: Yes! This could be a gift to give at the end of an informational meeting for those interested to dive further into, or used as curriculum to better equip families for the home study process. Please see the bulk buy option in the shop, or if you would like for your families to buy this please email me for a special discount code to give them. 

Q: I’ve already adopted or am currently fostering. Why would this be applicable for my family?

A: Oftentimes, people get into adoption or foster care and then realize pretty quickly they had no idea what they were walking into. As an adoptive parent with a background in social work, I had the education. I attended all the trainings including many that weren’t required. I read all the books. And yet, after bringing our son home, there were still so many issues that came up I didn’t expect or hadn’t worked through. If you have not pursued self-reflection in adoption and foster care, or if you haven’t been asked hard questions, or if there are things coming up you don’t know how to handle or didn’t see coming, it’s not too late to grab this and work through it. If you are looking to start your next adoption or foster care process, it’s a great idea to grab this and go through it, as every process is different and there are likely things you didn’t work through the first time that you may find helpful this time. 

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