Before You Adopt Workbook (Five Copy Deal)


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The 5-copy deal is perfect for anyone who is leading a foster care/adoption ministry, non-profit, or agency and is looking for a resource to better prepare the families they serve. A $5 flat shipping fee is applied at checkout, but additional shipping cost is already calculated into the price.

Who is this workbook designed for?

  • Anyone working through the process of fostering or adopting

  • Anyone undecided about what type of adoption or foster care to pursue

  • Anyone interested in adoption or foster care but not sure how to get started

  • Anyone going through the foster care/adoption process again

  • Anyone leading a foster care/adoption agency or ministry and looking for resources for their families

Inside, you’ll find general guidelines, preparatory questions you should be asking (and answering) for yourself, your spouse, and professionals, plus detailed descriptions of foster care, domestic adoption, international adoption, and embryo adoption.

Not sure if this resource is for you or not? Check out our FAQ page for more details. 

Canadian customers: Due to customs shipping issues, we will currently not be processing orders to Canada. It will be cheaper and quicker for you to order directly through for the time being.


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