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“This book is like a fresh drink of water for anyone who thirsts for renewed hope.” -Macie Perrault (from the foreword)

Fear. Regret. Mistakes. Life is full of these…but no one likes talking about that, do they? In a culture that thrives on toxic comparison and presenting a shiny social media life, we all downplay our vulnerabilities and struggles. Christa shares raw stories of the mountains faced in her own life.From buying a business in her second month of marriage and pursuing an unconventional adoption plan, to navigating the trials of financial hardship and facing the complexities of motherhood, Moving Mountains is a testimony to the power of a God whose love never fails to move mountains we could never move on our own.

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6 reviews for Moving Mountains

  1. Ashley Slone-Banion

    Wow! This book moved me in ways most books cannot. The way Christa writes about her fears, her struggles, her hope, her faith, and just everyday life is so powerful. I related to so much of her story and felt myself becoming inspired and motivated to make 2020 the best year yet. I felt this book deep in my bones. I actually read through this book twice. It’s nice reading about other people you can relate to. It definitely renewed my faith and my confidence in myself. I would recommend this book to anyone. It’s a great read especially for the start of a new year and decade. Anything is possible, and so is moving mountains.

  2. Callie

    With a background in social work, Christa is a passionate mom, advocate for the fatherless, and storyteller! This book is her heart and her story. It’s a story of family and adoption. A story of broken dreams and of hope in the midst of brokenness. A story of God taking all of the seemingly ill-fitting pieces of their lives and connecting them together in a way only He can. A story of the Lord moving impossible mountains and thousands of miles to bring their little family together. This is a great book for families considering adoption and families already well down the path of adoption, but it’s also a great book for anyone looking to pray big prayers and watch God move mountains in their lives this year. You need this book on your January reading list as you jump into 2020!

  3. Kathryn McKay

    Moving Mountains brought me light in a hard time. It is written with love, heartache and humour. I feel like I know the Jordan family. We connected as I read their journey and I am confident there are is something for everyone to relate to in this book.
    Easy, smooth read. Highly recommend!

  4. Kelli Belt

    This book is about one family’s faith journey through life’s mountains- the one’s they thought were too big, the ones no one wants to talk about, and the ones they thought might destroy them. On a personal level it reminded me that God is bigger than my circumstances and more importantly my mistakes. Christa’s openness was as if we were sitting down for coffee and she was sharing her heart and encouraging me at the same time. It made every story, every account of God’s provision so much more powerful. It encouraged me to release my own shame that convinces me I need to play small and instead trust God has a plan to use my own passion and gifts for His glory. The book challenged and encouraged me to see the mountains in my own life through a lens of Hope.

  5. Karen McCommas

    Such an encouraging read!
    What a refreshingly honest book! I appreciated and loved how vulnerable the author was in sharing about her marriage, adoption, and her faith. She is a great storyteller!
    As an adoptive mom, I really enjoyed reading about their whole experience with international adoption. While every experience is different I still felt a connection to her and could easily relate to the things she shared.
    I finished the book feeling encouraged! Encouraged by her faith in God through some trying and complicated circumstances and encouraged to see God move some mountains in my life.

  6. Lauren

    A raw and vulnerable look at how our experiences and decisions shape us but do not have to define the trajectory of our lives. I loved reading about how the mountains in our lives play such and important and valuable role in growing and teaching us and those around us. Christa authentically tells her story in such an encouraging way. No difficult topic is off the table – marriage, adoption, parenting, running a business, and making financial decisions, she bares it all in a way that makes you feel like you’re not alone in your own challenged and missteps. Read this book! You’ll learn important truths about yourself and those around you. And you might just start to appreciate your past and present mountains in a new way.

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